Brief Retrospectives

To start off with, some follow-ups on past predictions: firstly, Joe Biden has just announced Kamala Harris as his running mate, in fulfilment of our March projections that she could just lie low and get on the ticket based on her quite wonderful intersectionality credentials. This didn't go over particularly well with the progressive Reddit bunch, all the more given that she's been a particularly merciless prosecutor, in the current ACAB climate on the left. The choice was made only the more awkward by Harris being one of Biden's greatest detractors on segregation during the debates, and believing that Biden had committed sexual assault, but then again he's not her usual demographic for throwing into the clink, and what are some minor indiscretions when they're in the way of the second-highest office in the land? In any case, the stage has been set (and records scrubbed), although EDMW commentators for one have some pretty incisive assessments of this team.

A very woke and based Kanye West is concurrently working hard to get on the ballot in swing states, with assistance coming exclusively from generous Republicans (though Kanye's confident with write-ins alone), because it's not like the Democrats have been particularly enthused about Blacks thinking for themselves (or even capable of being diverse, according to their presidential candidate). GEOTUS for one is relishing the challenge, and while Kanye has confirmed that his objective is to siphon votes from Biden (as offered last month), my take is that Biden should perhaps read the room, and gracefully back out so as not to split the Kanye vote.

Geopolitically, Iran's nuclear enrichment plant and various military and industrial sites have gone boom, most likely at the hands of Israel as foreshadowed in January, because some developments are foreseeable like that (and if one reads the correct subreddits, there are not entirely unwarranted rumblings about the Beirut explosion being an Israel-Hezbollah affair, as later affirmed by the Lebanese president; pity the common people though). The CANZUK Anglophone alliance suggested in the same post also seems to be drawing closer, what with joint statements being released on human rights in Hong Kong, along with the United States. Our Foreign Minister and Trade and Industry Minister appear to have understood that there's no going back to the old days now, with an acknowledgment that the current status quo is probably not a net benefit to America, as also pointed out in January. Still, the tightrope-walking continues, if with the State's Times cooling down on the foreign propaganda, as with the New York Times.